Vue Ganttastic is a simple, interactive and highly customizable Gantt chart component for Vue 3.


  • Vue 3open in new window support
  • TypeScriptopen in new window support (ships with out of the box type declarations)
  • Interactivity (dynamic, moveable and pushable bars)
  • Reactivity / Responsiveness (bars will be properly repositioned on width resize)
  • Customization options (chart and bar styling, changes in behavior, slots, event handlers etc.)
  • Day.jsopen in new window support (uses Day.js under the hood for date-time manipulation)


License MITopen in new window
Author: Marko Žunić, BSc
GitHub Repositoryopen in new window

Support the project

Vue Ganttastic is a free open-source project I work on in my spare time. Buy me a beer and let's give a toast to open-source development! 🍻

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