Reference: GGanttRow

Represents a single row of the chart. It is meant to be a child component of g-gantt-chart.


labelstring?""Text that is floating in the upper left corner of the row.
barsGanttBarObject[]Array of objects, each representing a bar in this row. Any JavaScript/TypeScript object with a nested ganttBarConfig object with a unique id string property is compatible. The objects must also contain two properties which represent the start and end datetime of the bar. The names of those properties must be passed to the bar-start and bar-end props of the g-gantt-chart parent.
highlight-on-hoverboolean?falseUsed for toggling a background color transition effect on mouse hover.

Custom Events

Event nameEvent data
drop{ e: MouseEvent, datetime: string}


Slot nameSlot dataDescription
labelUsed for modifying the text that is floating in the upper left corner of the row.
bar-label{bar: GanttBarObject}Used for modifying the text in a bar.
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